Sir Clive unveils his new A-Bike folding bicycle

Not strictly a C5 news item, but Sir Clive Sinclair recently unveiled his new transport product, widely dubbed the "Sinclair C6".

It is an incredibly small and light folding bike, with tiny wheels. Weighing just 12lb, the bike folds up to about the length of an umbrella, certainly easy to carry on public transport.

As I said, the wheels look tiny, and it remains to be seen how practical this might be on our British roads, potholes and all! Sir Clive also has plans to develop a further version with electric propulsion.

Sir Clive has teamed up with Singapore design agency DAKA to develop and launch the A-Bike, which should be available next year.

Here is a photo showing Sir Clive with the A-Bike.

And here is a link to a news video from the launch.

12 July 2006 - The A-Bike is launched. For more details go to the A-bike website at