The C5 Battery

The C5 battery was developed by Oldham Batteries in Manchester.

It is a "deep-discharge" battery. Car batteries are designed to supply a very large current for a short time, and are not meant to be drained completely - this damages the battery chemistry. The deep-discharge design is meant to be drained flat, and achieves this through, among other things, the use of more lead inside the battery.

The original battery was rated at 12V, 36Ah.

The battery was designed to sustain approximately 300 charge/discharge cycles.

The C5 has capacity to carry a spare battery in the right footwell. The spare battery is swapped to the left footwell once the first battery is flat. A small number of C5s were made with electrics to connect dual batteries. Two batteries give almost double the range of one battery.

The electronic battery charger supplied for the C5 was designed by Selmar.

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